Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nature Study ~ Backyard Birds

One beautiful, sunny, spring-like morning last week, we began our schoolday on the back deck. The bird sounds were everywhere ~ and our bird tree was full, so the kiddos and I headed outside to study the nature in our backyard. My assignment for the kiddos was simple, "let's make a list of the birds we see and/or hear".

Armed with our handy dandy Birdsong Identiflyer and our favorite bird field guide, we set to work.

Birds that we heard: geese (we heard them and then saw a flock flying overhead), crows, woodpecker, blue jay

dd6's bird book

Birds that we saw: robin, house wren, killdeer, eastern bluebird (the killdeer was chasing the bluebird), and house sparrow

ds8's bird book

When we came inside, we had our normal circle time. While I was reading aloud, my two older kiddos grabbed some pencils and blank paper and created their own bird books...

And I thought nature study would be so hard to implement into our schedule.

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