Friday, July 30, 2010

Third Grade Reading List

This is the reading list that I have prepared for ds8 who will be entering 3rd grade.  Many of these books come from the Sonlight Advanced Reader Package for Core 2

Along Came a Dog

The Children of the Noisy Village

Emily’s Runaway Imagination

Encyclopedia Brown


Henry and Ribsy

The King’s Equal

Little House on Rocky Ridge

A Llama in the Family

Lumber Camp Library

Marco Polo

McBroom’s Wonderful One-Acre Farm

Misty of Chincoteague

More Stories from Grandma’s Attic

Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West

Ralph S Mouse

The Toothpaste Millionaire

The Whipping Boy


Ten Boys Who Changed the World

African Adventures

Rainforest Adventures

Three Dollar Mule

Outback Adventures

I basically created a chart that listed these books, with boxes to mark the date the books were completed and a rating for each book.  This chart is posted on the refrigerator.  When ds8 completes one of the books on the list, he gives me a brief synopsis (or narration) of the book and gives the book a rating (1-5 stars).  At the end of the year, we have a handy dandy one page sheet that lists all of the “required” books that ds8 has read that can be filed in his portfolio.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog Walk ~ Week 7

I missed Week 6 of the TOS Crew Blog Walk ~ we were enjoying a wonderful, and very busy vacation on the other side of the country…but we are home now, and I am ready to resume “blog walking”.  This week’s featured blogs are:

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Vacation Story ~ Spending Time with Granny & Grandpa

One of the main reasons we headed out west was so that our kiddos could spend some time with their Granny and Grandpa.  They all had a blast doing lots of fun things like…

Listening intently to one of Grandpa’s many stories…

100_6374 100_6376


Taking walks…

100_6395 100_6393


Playing in the creek…

100_6409 100_6412
100_6415 100_6405


Filling the bird feeders…

100_6452 100_6459
100_6456 100_6458


Raiding the garden…

100_6387 100_6386


Making barrettes and headbands…

100_6570 100_6569


Climbing mountains…

IMG_0036 IMG_0068
IMG_0069 IMG_0031


Tooling around town in the golf cart…

100_6811 100_6820


Making family memories that will last a lifetime :)

Our Vacation Story ~ Birch Bay

During our visit up north, we also spent an afternoon with family at Birch Bay ~ exploring the shore…

100_6699 100_6711
100_6702 100_6709


tossing rocks into the bay…

100_6708 100_6735 100_6715


just plain having fun :)

100_6719 100_6744 100_6739
100_6746 100_6703 100_6713
100_6726 100_6747

Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Vacation Story ~ Peace Arch Park

While visiting family in the north western part of Washington State we made sure to spend a little time at Peace Arch Park

100_6643 100_6673

On one side of the Peace Arch you are in the United States,

100_6645 100_6646 100_6647

100_6684 100_6651

and on the other side you are in Canada.

100_6683 100_6682

100_6679 100_6650

The park is beautifully maintained, and it has lots of wonderful gardens to explore…

100_6691 100_6661 100_6697

Our favorite gardens were the ones that replicated the American flag (on the US side) and the Canadian flag (on the Canadian side).

100_6652 100_6655
100_6677 100_6678

Before heading out of the park, we had to at least attempt to get one good picture of all three kiddos…

100_6692 Um, if you know these kiddos, you’d know this one was perfect :).


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