Friday, July 8, 2011

Swimming Lessons 2011

Today was the final day of swim lessons for ds9 and dd7. 

IMG_1314 For the past two weeks we have headed up to a nearby university pool every morning for one-half hour of swim lessons. 

IMG_1319 Dd7 loves being in the water, but she does not like the jumping in part.


Ds9 claims to really, really dislike taking swimming lessons…I think he’s changed his mind this year and he may in fact actually rather enjoy them, but he hasn’t admitted it yet :)

I told him that it doesn’t matter whether he likes lessons or not, he must take lessons until he learns to swim, for safety reasons that’s just a rule in our home :). 

IMG_1316 He’s done an awesome job this year, and he can now swim on his own across a portion of the pool.  Today was safety day, so he was practicing swimming with a life jacket {they love wearing the life jackets:)}, but he can swim sans life jacket too.

IMG_1317 Summertime swim lessons are also a super-easy way to fulfill PE requirements for our homeschool :)



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