Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Fun

I've been on a mission to actually use all (or at least most) of the freebie coupons we received over the summer...our Rita's coupons were getting ready to expire so we planned a trip to get some free italian ice :) The Rita's that we like to go to is very close to a nice lake and park area - so we took our goodies there...
After licking our cups clean - we took a walk on the path that surrounds the lake.
We had some friends follow us :)

DS7 and I tried to capture this beautiful bird on film - we think it was some kind of a kingfisher...

And dh got creative while trying to capture a picture of the fountain in the middle of the lake.

The kiddos were especially surprised by this outing because we ended up having our dessert BEFORE dinner :)



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