Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4th Place Ribbon

We do love visiting the animals at the fair - but there is one other area that we always go to first - the household exhibits...you know, the place where the art and food entries are displayed. The first time I took the kids into this building a couple years ago I think it was to escape the heat and the blazing sun :)

We wandered around a bit, oohing and ahhing at all of the delicious food entries and inspecting the art entries in kids' category. Little did we know that one of our friends had entered a drawing that they did of our fish tank. When we discovered that picture and recognized both the subject and the artist - the kids got so excited! Ever since then, we have always made sure to spend some time in the household exhibits building.

This year we took the plunge and entered one of ds7's photographs in the fair. Our first stop after the entry gate was to the household exhibits building. We examined every photograph on the long wall of the building, searching for his picture. When we didn't see it there we started looking at the photographs displayed on columns in the middle of the building. When we finally found it - we were pleasantly surprised. Actually, ds7 was quite excited (and I was excited for him).
When I suggested that he enter his photo, it was mainly because I thought he would enjoy seeing his entry displayed at the fair - I never expected that he would actually win a ribbon (although, it is a very cool photograph). But this what we saw when we found his picture - it had a pink ribbon attached to it (fourth place)...



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