Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crystal Grottoes Caverns Field Trip

Last week we took a tour of a nearby cavern with our homeschool co-op. I figured this field trip was too good to pass up - I knew my kids would have a blast exploring a cave...and I was right!

This is a crystal formation on the rocks inside the cave...

The tour guide told us the names of all of the different rock formations, but between trying to grab a few pictures and making sure that none of my kiddos got lost in the cave - I wasn't able to pay as much attention as I would have liked :)

We exited the cave from a mine-shaft type door, into the bright sunshine. It was indeed a beautiful day for a field trip...

Afterwards we headed to a beautiful park that was just a few minutes from the caverns - the kids ran and played, we enjoyed a picnic lunch, and then hiked a short distance to an overlook.



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