Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Traditions ~ Decorating the Tree

Another beloved tradition around here is decorating our Christmas tree. The kids each have an ornament box that contains ornaments that were given to them and ornaments that they have made...Once the tree is put together, the ornament boxes come out.
Ds7 spent a lot of time reminiscing about each ornament in his box..."remember when I picked this ornament and daddy gave me this one the year I was two because I loved trains..."

Ds3 doesn't quite get the reminiscing thing yet, he has fun just checking out all of the ornaments in his box :)

Then the decorating begins...

Dd5 was very particular about her placement of ornaments this year. I noticed two ornaments that were hanging on the same branch, so I moved them a bit farther apart. Soon afterward I heard dd5 exclaim, "who moved my ornament?". I told her that I moved them because they were very close to each other, she quickly replied "but they wanted to be next to each other on the tree!".

At some point during the decorating, dh gained possession of the camera and began experimenting...

Dd5 waited patiently for me to get around to hanging my heart ornament, the one that matches her heart ornament. And, of course, we hung them together, on the same branch :)

I love the memories that come rushing back each time we decorate our tree...



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