Monday, December 21, 2009

A Snowy Weekend

I looked out of our kitchen window Friday night before heading to bed, and there was already a light layer of snow on the ground. The snow continued through Saturday, finally ending on Saturday night. I'm not sure what our final snowfall total was - but I'd guess it was at least over 18 inches...
The kids spent most of Sunday afternoon outside, playing in the humongous piles of snow left behind after the snowplows came through.

Dd5 made up her own game - she called it "trudging through the snow". I have never seen a child bring so much snow into the house after playing outside ~ but she had a lot of fun :)

Of course, I tried to take advantage of this snowy photo opportunity ~ I actually got a picture of all three kids smiling...

I got some great individual pics, too! Ds7 had no problem posing for the camera.

Dd5 was a real ham for the camera, too.

It's ds3 that's always the one who turns from the camera ~ but after many attempts, I was able to get this adorable pic of him.


UnfinishedMom said...

I love snow pictures of kids. You should save that one of all 3 smiling at the same time and use it for next year's Christmas Cards!


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