Monday, June 28, 2010

Summertime ~ Swimming Lessons

A couple weeks ago I signed my two oldest kiddos up for swim lessons.  Dd6 was begging for them, ds8 was begging for an exemption :). I told him that if he wanted to be able to get in the water at the beach, or go to friends’ pools, swim lessons were a requirement…

Dd6 had a blast, her teacher commented that she had never seen a child so happy to be in the water…

100_6201 100_6202

Ds8 was a trooper, he did his best ~ and he was glad when the lessons came to an end…

100_6203 100_6213

While the older kiddos were busy with lessons, ds3 kept me company on the bleachers inside the pool area…we always brought a bag full of fun stuff to keep him busy :)


Their completion certificates are the first items in their homeschool binders for the next schoolyear…one PE activity down, yeah!


Denise said...

I love all your photos~ very cute! I am new to the Homeschool Crew this year and am having fun reading through everyone's blogs and getting some ideas! I love your "On My Nightstand" widget! I am going to have to get one! :)


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