Monday, January 31, 2011

Homeschool Mother’s Journal ~ Entry #2

The Homeschool Chick

In my life this week…I had a sore throat and a hoarse voice all last week.  Thankfully I felt much better by Saturday and we were able to have ds9’s birthday party :)  I am hoping that this week I can catch up on all of the read-alouds that got put off last week…

In our homeschool this week…Last week was full of excitement and unplanned stuff ~ dh travelling, sickness and snow…I hope this week is different :)  Dh doesn’t have any plans to travel, but there is more snow in the forecast…and you never know when sickness is going to hit :).  But I would love to catch up on our read-alouds…

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…We had ds’s 9th birthday party on Saturday.  We rented part of the gym area at a nearby college {for a very reasonable price} and the kiddos had a blast running around playing a bunch of games. 

Sunday ended up being a pretty full day too {not our preference…we  prefer to keep Sundays restful}.  After church we had to make a Costco run…and Sundays at Costco are very busy.  At least we didn’t have to worry about lunch ~ between the free samples and the $1 churros everyone left Costco with full bellies :).

One day this week I do need to run to the bank and pick up our co-op food order {if the weather cooperates}.  Other than that we plan to hang out at home and catch up on all the read-alouds we missed last week :).

My favorite thing this week was…Ds’s birthday party went really well.  It was nice to let the kiddos run off some energy while we caught up with friends and family.  And I am so thankful that neither sickness nor snow derailed our plans :).

What’s working/not working for us…I am trying to find a balance between history and science right now…it seems that we cannot stay up-to-date on both subjects at the same time.  If we are on schedule in history then we are behind in science and vice versa.  I am contemplating how to rework our schedule to “fix” this problem…

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…How do you keep your very busy four year old happy {and out of trouble} while teaching your nine-year old and six-year old…that is the question :)

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melismama said...

Hi there, a new follower...Stopping over from The homeschool Chic...Homeschool Journal party...

"How do you keep your very busy four year old happy {and out of trouble} while teaching your nine-year old and six-year old…that is the question :)"

Let me know when you find the answer...I am in the same boat trying to keep a 20 month old busy!


Holly said...

Hi there! I don't have an answer for you about keeping the youngest busy. My 2.5 yr old gets in the middle of everything! :) I try to get as much done during nap time as I can, but it's never long enough! LOL Hope you're feeling better this week! Happy Birthday to your son. I've made b-day cakes that look exactly like that! :)
We have the same problem with math & science-they both take a lot of time & effort.
I wish we had a costco near us-I keep hearing great things about that store. Holly


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