Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January in Pictures

I love the 365 project…you know, the one where bloggers post one picture a day each day of the year.  I love the idea, but posting a picture a day is not something I can add to my “to do list” right now. 

So instead, I’m going to try to do a “month in pictures” post at the end of each month.  It may contain four pictures, it may contain six…hopefully it will contain at least one :)

Here is January’s post…

IMG_0641 Our New Year’s Eve tradition ~ make your own pizza and game night.


You gotta love a free Amazon Prime membership, especially when the old vacuum dies and we need a new one ASAP :)


January was a snowy month around here…great for sledding fun


and building a snowman…


but I was able to find a bit of color amongst our winter white landscape.


This month we also celebrated ds’s 9th birthday…where oh where does the time go?

100_7768 Around here we celebrate birthdays with a day of family fun, chosen by the birthday kiddo…ds9 chose roller skating.  The only reason ds4 was able to stay on his feet {or skates} was because of this cool contraption {which was basically a walker on wheels} :).

IMG_0731 We ended the month with ds9’s birthday party which we celebrated at a nearby college’s indoor gym…ds4 is getting ready to run “super fast” and he needs to get ready with his best “super fast” face :)


Happy Birthday to my sweet oldest son!

Well, that wraps up January.  Can’t wait to see what memories February will bring us :)


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Love these photos and the stories they tell. Precious times.
Love the idea of a pizza and games night on New Years Eve....we often do that on a Sat night - just a fun, family night. I reckon that's creating precious memories.


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