Monday, April 4, 2011

GoGo Kabongo ~ A Review


GoGo Kabongo is an award winning website that provides fun online reading games for kiddos aged 4-7.


GoGo Kabongo offers game play in three different habitats: Twister Top, Galaxy Gardens, and Laughter Lake. Each habitat contains three different games, and each game contains six different levels.  Which means GoGo Kabongo has a wide variety of games to keep your kiddos learning.


The games on GoGo Kabongo are designed to help kiddos “develop the cognitive skills that are essential to reading”.  You can read more about their approach to teaching reading here

The chart pictured below provides an overview of the cognitive skills that are targeted in each of the games.  This page offers a detailed explanation of the chart.

 GoGo Kabongo chart

GoGo Kabongo helps keep you up-to-date on your kiddo’s progress by sending out weekly emails that provide detailed information about the games that your kiddo has played and the level they have attained in each game.

My Thoughts

My ds4 was delighted when I told him that I had an online game site just for him.  The games on GoGo Kabongo are both fun and educational.  Some of the games have ds4 listening to a story and then recreating the scene {Going Buggy}, or collecting letters to match the sounds he heard while riding in the sidecar of Mimi’s motorcycle {Desert Dash} or rocketing through space {Rocket Racer}.

My ds4’s favorite game is Design-a-Door. The object of this game is for ds4 to recreate the patterns on doors that he is shown.  This game helps strengthen his planning, simultaneous processing, and visualization skills {but don’t tell him that, he just thinks it’s fun :)}.  You can read more about the games and the skills that they target on this page.

I wouldn’t normally recommend purchasing a subscription to a game website, since there are so many free ones available.  However, the subscription to GoGo Kabongo is extremely affordable {Laughter Lake is free and there is a one time fee of only $4.95/each for access to Galaxy Gardens and Twister Top}.  If you are looking for some fun, interactive, online educational games for your 4-7 year old{s}, I would definitely recommend that you check out GoGoKabongo!

More Information

Access to the Laughter Lake habitat is free.  You can purchase game play access to the two other habitats {Galaxy Gardens and Twister Top} for $4.95 each {one-time fee}.  GoGo Kabongo is also currently offering access to Galaxy Gardens for free for a limited amount of time.

Try out GoGo Kabongo for free or check out their FAQ page for more information.


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I received a free subscription to GoGo Kabongo in order to provide my honest, unbiased opinion about our experience with this product.  I did not receive any further compensation for my review.



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