Monday, May 4, 2009

A rainy day

Today I asked my 7yo and my 5yo if they would like to get the mail for me. We have a community mailbox that is about 3 houses down from us, and just recently I have been brave enough to allow them to make the short trek there and back ALONE (with me watching from the porch).

Today's walk to the mailbox was extra special because it was raining. My kids love to play in the rain ~ must be something about the cool rain boots :) So they donned their raincoats, rainboots and grabbed an umbrella and excitedly headed out.

They both took their job very seriously. Big brother was very vigilant in his duty to make sure his little sister was covered with the umbrella. And little sis made sure that the mail was protected from the rain.

The two-year old REALLY wanted to go too, but I convinced him that hanging out on the porch with mama could be just as much fun. He quickly discovered how to get rained on too ~ well, just his little hands got rained on.

And he loved it...

He hollered from the porch to his brother and sister "yook, I get rained on!"
I love it when such a simple thing as a walk in the rain can bring such joy to my kiddos.


L Harris said...

such a sweet day. We've started (for a while now) letting one or two of the kids walk to the library which is about 3 houses down but across a busy street. They go there to get our farm fresh eggs or to pick up some library books.


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