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Classical Academic Press ~ Latin for Children Primer A {A Review}

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Classical Academic Press specializes in producing Latin and Logic curriculum that can be used to educate children using the classical model of education.  We recently received The Latin for Children Mastery Bundle Primer A {grades 3-6} from Classical Academic Press to review…thanks to being members of the TOS Homeschool Crew.

Our bundle included:

latin bundle Latin for Children {LFC} Primer A ~ a 230-page consumable workbook/textbook. 

 LFC Primer A Answer Key ~ contains answers for all of the worksheets in the Primer A textbook/workbook.

LFC Primer A Activity Book ~ This optional consumable workbook contains over 100 pages of puzzles and games that correspond with the chapters in LFC Primer A.

LFC Primer A DVD and Chant set ~ The 3 DVDs in this set have over 6 hours of “chapter-by-chapter” training by the author of the series, and video of students doing the chants.  The 2 chant CDs contain chants for all 240 vocabulary words taught in Primer A.

LFC A History Reader ~ This 56-page paperback reader contains “15 stories  about Greek and Roman history in Latin” that are geared towards the Primer A reading level.

Our Experience

My ds9 is really enjoying this Latin curriculum…yes, really!  He absolutely loves the catchy paradigm and vocabulary chants that are contained on both the DVDs and the CDs.  These chants get stuck in your head and I overhear him singing them during the day after his Latin lesson {and I catch myself singing them too :)}.  These catchy chants make Latin hard not to learn :)

I also like the fact that the textbook and workbook is contained in one resource…less stuff for me to find when it’s time to do the work :).

Since my son is on the low side of the recommended age group for this curriculum {he is 3rd grade, it’s recommended for 3rd grade and up}, we are working at a slower pace through the curriculum.  We have been spending about 2 weeks on each chapter, doing Latin about 2-3 days per week.

My Thoughts

If you are looking for a fun Latin curriculum to use with your kiddos I definitely recommend that you check out Latin for Children.  To be honest, my ds9 was not excited when he learned that I would be adding Latin to his homeschool day…but it has quickly become one of his favorite subjects!  And I believe that he would say that the chant CD is a must have :)

More Information

The Classical Academic website contains an extensive FAQ page on their website that will probably answer most any question you have about both teaching Latin and the Classical Academic resources.

You can also view sample chapters from most of the above resources on the Classical Academic Press website.


classical academic press products The Latin for Children Mastery Bundle can be purchased on the Classical Academic Press website for $99.95.  You can also purchase a smaller basic bundle for $76.95 or purchase any of the above items separately.

Classical Academic Press also sells other Latin curriculum, including Song School Latin for PreK to 2nd graders, and Latin Alive for 7th graders and up…in addition to other homeschool resources.

Classical Academic Press also provides free resources that complement many of their products.

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I received the Latin for Children Primer A mastery bundle in order to provide my honest and unbiased opinion about our experience with this product.  I did not receive any further compensation for my review.



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