Friday, August 26, 2011

Homeschool Mother’s Journal ~ August 26th

The Homeschool Mother's Journal


In my life this week…Well, six weeks into our new school year, and we’ve already switched curriculums!  It really wasn’t too big of a switch though, we’re still studying the same time history topic {American history}, we’re still using many of the same books {we just cut the number down a bit}, and we hadn’t begun our history studies yet anyway Smile

I have to say that I am delighted with this new curriculum, I am using Bigger Hearts for His Glory from Heart of Dakota with my two older kiddos {4th grade and 2nd grade}.  Practically every night I have told my husband that I am loving actually getting to do Bible, poetry, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, math, history and even science {I always planned to do all of these things, but we always seemed to run out of time}. 

And we’re not tied to the schoolbooks all day to be able to get to all of these subjects either.  This week we’ve actually been spending lots of time with friends outside {school starts back in our area next week} and we’ve still gotten everything done {my 9yo is finished with all of his work in about 3.5 hours, it takes the 7yo about 2.5 to 3 hours}.

In our homeschool this week…We’ve broken in our new curriculum, and we are all loving it.  Now I just need to plan some stuff for the 4yo to do Smile.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…If it’s broke, don’t be afraid to fix it…even if you seem a bit flaky when you switch curriculums only six weeks into the school year Smile.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…Today we are going to the dentist…it’s my turn to sit in the chair and all three kiddos will make themselves comfortable on the floor around me while they clean my teeth {sounds like fun, right?}. 

It’s the kiddos’ turns on Monday…all three of them.

My favorite thing this week was…Doing some fun science and history projects with my kiddos.  One my favorite things about our Bigger Hearts for His Glory curriculum so far is the fun, yet super easy to implement activities that are planned for in the guide.

What’s working/not working for us…Our new curriculum is definitely working for us! 

Questions/thoughts I have…This question is not homeschool related but…I wonder what the weekend will bring, Irene is headed our way and even though we aren’t usually affected too much by hurricanes this far inland they’re saying it could be pretty bad.

Things I’m working on…Setting up ds9’s new reading program.  I purchased Drawn Into the Heart of Reading from Heart of Dakota and I am currently studying the guide so I can hopefully start it up soon.

I’m reading…Lots of books on my Kindle {love those free Kindle books on Amazon}, lots of blog posts about back to school, and my new teacher’s guides.

I’m cooking…Lots of stuff in the slow cooker…I love not worrying about what’s for dinner ‘cause it’s already in the crockpot Smile.  I’m also cooking up a couple of freezer meals for a dear friend who is expecting baby #5.

I’m grateful for… Um, surviving the earthquake that shook our area on Wednesday afternoon Smile. I know, earthquakes are not that big a deal to people on the west coast, especially ones that don’t knock things off the wall and such…but it was definitely an experience I will never forget!

I’m praying for… an uneventful weekend…after storms last weekend and an earthquake this week…I would love to see Irene pass us by Smile.

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One of the fun projects we did this week…labeling our globe/ball with the continents and the oceans.


flmom said...

Praying Irene is uneventful for you. It passed by us (thankfully none of the tropical storm force winds even made it on shore) during the night. It really destroyed a lot of the sea turtle nests here though which is really sad considering it's one of the major U.S. nesting grounds. You are very brave to take your kids to the dentist with you. Mine would not sit still and I would be a stressed out mess.

Jenny said...

I wish you the best with Irene. We're on the West Coast, so I'm familiar with earthquakes but not hurricanes or tropical storms. I've looked at Hearts of Dakota before, so I'm glad you're liking it. Just stopping by from HMJ.
Jenny :)


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