Friday, August 12, 2011

Our School Room{s}

Not Back to School Blog Hop

This is school room week on the Not Back to School Blog Hop…so I guess it’s as good a time as any to share pictures of our school rooms. 

I say school rooms {with an s} because we “do school” in many rooms in our home, and we also store school supplies {i.e. books} in many rooms in our home Smile.

First up is our former dining room {thankfully we have an eat in kitchen so we don’t need to eat in our dining room}…it has been transformed into our main school room.

We’ve made some changes to this room this past year {here’s what it looked like last year}…in the spring we purchased some wonderful expedit shelves from IKEA {what homeschooler can ever have too many shelves?} and a couple weeks ago we gave three of the walls a new paint job.


I picked up some inexpensive picture frames from Michaels so I could display the kiddos’ art above the shelves.  We repurposed an old kitchen table and some mismatched chairs to be used as a writing/work table in the middle of the room.


The shelf between the windows holds our current science books {top shelf}, our circle time notebook, our history notebook and notebooks for each kiddo {to keep this year’s completed work in}.  Dd7’s All About Spelling supplies, books, and writing supplies are on the 2nd shelf; ds9 and dd7’s writing curriculum and more writing supplies take up the 3rd shelf.  The two bottom shelves hold coloring books, crayons, blank paper, magazines and more.

Under the table is a basket full of blank books waiting to be filled with stories.


A pocket chart calendar hangs on our double-sided easel which stands in the corner of the room.


In our basement I have a desk and rolling cart for each kiddo…ds9 completes  his math down there {that’s where the computer is}, but at this time the desks and rolling carts are basically just a place for each kiddo to store his/her stuff. 



See…dd7’s desk is currently covered with building blocks and the table is covered puzzle pieces Smile.


Most of the work gets completed at the kitchen table or in the dining room/school room…or on the couch {read-alouds}, or the back deck or even in the kiddos’ rooms.  But I didn’t take pictures of those areas Smile


KarenW said...

Looks like a fun room to learn in! I hope you have a blessed year.

Sparklee said...

I love the cheerful colors in your rooms! And the kid art on the walls!

We tend to do school in multiple rooms as well, and on our back porch when it's warm outside.

Have a wonderful year of learning together!

Samantha said...

I love the shelves. It looks fantastic. It's been fun to see how many of us homeschoolers don't school just in one room. It's so much a part of the environment of homeschooling I think, to school just about anywhere.

Proverbial Homemaker said...

Thanks for sharing! I like how you display the kids' work in the rooms with picture frames and the long wire with art pinned to it. Might be stealing that one. Thanks!


Amy said...

What a great schoolroom! Everything is so colorful and inviting. My favorite, though, are those shelves!!

Our Country Road said...

Great rooms! I love the wall of shelves :).

Dawn said...

Love your room.


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