Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Week 4

Ahhh…week 4 already! 

I didn’t get any pictures of the kiddos “doing school” but I did get some pictures of them having fun in a friend’s pool {we took a midweek break on Wednesday}.  I’ll share those just to make this post a bit more

visually pleasing Smile.


I am still in the process of adding in subjects, this week I had planned to add spelling and Bible to the line-up…but only spelling made it {although we did continue with our morning devotions from our Keys for Kids devotional}. 

Both kiddos are moving right along in their math programs.  Ds9 heads to the basement each afternoon {without complaining,  mind you} to complete his Teaching Textbooks lesson, while dd7 works with me at the kitchen table on her CLE Math lesson.  Dd7 finished up another light unit this week and aced the end of unit test Smile


Both kiddos are also seeming to enjoy their new writing curriculums.  Ds9 is still working through lesson one in his IEW program; this week he wrote a paragraph from the key word outline they worked on during the video part of lesson one.  He also made his own key word outline from a paragraph about desert tarantulas and rewrote a paragraph from the outline. 

Dd7 and I have been having fun with her writing curriculum {Write Shop Primary Book A}.  Every day we have been writing about animals {her favorite topic}.


We also began a new chapter in our science curriculum.  I read aloud to the kiddos from our science text while we had an impromptu lunch on the back deck. 

Even though we haven’t added history into our school day yet, I did begin to whet their appetites for our upcoming history studies by beginning a new read-aloud ~ The Birchbark House.  This book is not one of our scheduled read-alouds from Sonlight, but it is one that I wanted to add in and it matches our upcoming history studies perfectly Smile.

Once all of our subjects have been added into the line-up, we will return to our regular schedule of beginning our school day in the morning.  However, these past couple of weeks the kiddos have been doing their schoolwork in the afternoons…mornings have been spent on chores and lots of outside playtime {while the day is still cool}.


Anonymous said...

Four weeks! I love, love, love homeschooling when the weather is nice. Outside school and breaks are the best.

Mrs Random said...

Wonderful pool pics! Isn't it great to be able to be so flexible with our schedules?


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