Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Considering God’s Creation {Eagle’s Wings} ~ A Review

Eagle's Wings

I recently received Considering God’s Creation published by Eagle’s Wings for our family to try.  Considering God’s Creation is a creation-based science curriculum that takes “a creative biblical approach to natural science” and it was written to be used with 2nd to 7th graders.  

The authors of this award-winning science curriculum {Susan Mortimer and Betty Smith} are homeschooling moms who originally created this curriculum for their own children. 

Considering God's CreationConsidering God’s Creation contains 36 lessons and can be used as a stand-alone science curriculum that can be completed in one to three years.  The authors wrote this curriculum with homeschooling families with multiple students in mind.  Their intention was that it be flexible…so that families can adapt it to fit the needs of their kiddos.

Considering God’s Creation covers the following topics:

  • Creation
  • The Universe: Stars, Sun and Planets
  • The Earth
  • Non-Living Things: Rocks and Minerals
  • Weather
  • The Plant Kingdom
  • The Animal Kingdom
  • Animal Anatomy & Physiology
  • Man: Made in God’s Image

Our Experience

The package I received included a 128-page Teacher’s Manual, a 270-page consumable student workbook, and a 23-track cd. 

The consumable student workbook isn’t just a bunch of fill-in-the-blank pages.  Most of the pages require kiddos to do something {cut and paste a little book, play a game, do a bit of detective work, etc.}  The authors recommend that each child store their completed pages in a notebook and from what I have seen so far, my kiddos will have a very impressive science notebook when we have completed Considering God’s Creation.

The 128-page teaching guide is very straight forward and easy to use.

My kiddos absolutely love the audio CD.  The songs on the CD are very simple, yet catchy and they help cement the information that we are learning in Considering God’s Creation in my kiddos’ brains. 

I am extremely pleased with this science curriculum.  I have been looking for a fun and easy-to-use creation-based science curriculum that I can use with all three of my kiddos…and I think I have found what I was looking for in Considering God’s Creation.

More Information

Click here to view sample pages from Considering God’s Creation.

You can also find links to samples from the audio cd on the right sidebar of this page.

The Eagle’s Wings website contains a very helpful FAQ page about the Considering God’s Creation curriculum.

You can purchase Considering God’s Creation {teacher’s manual, one student workbook, and audio cd} for $29.95 from the Eagle’s Wings website.  Additional student workbooks are available on the website for $13.95. 

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I received this product for free in order to provide an honest and unbiased review of my family’s experience with this product.  I did not receive any further compensation for this review.


StephF said...

Thanks for the review and the reminder. I bought this several years ago and used it with my oldest child. I will have to pull it out for the younger ones now.


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