Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GoTrybe ~ A Review

Our family recently had an opportunity to try out GoTrybe, an online fitness website designed especially for kids. 

According to their website, is an online fitness and nutrition community that delivers daily fitness, nutrition, wellness, and motivation content to students and teachers across the US.

GoTrybe is designed to be used by kiddos from kindergarten all the way through highschool.  My ds9 used GoTrybe’s ZooDoos program which is to be used by K-5th graders. 

How It Works

When your kiddo first logs onto GoTrybe, they have the option of creating a personal profile and designing their own avatar, my ds9 especially loved this part :).  Once your kiddo has set up their account to their liking they are ready to go.

GoTrybe offers four different types of daily activities for your kiddos to complete: fitness, nutrition, motivation and wellness. 

In the fitness portion of GoTrybe, kids are able to design their own workout by choosing video workout segments {created for their particular age group} that interest them.  The segment choices include salsa dancing warm-ups, fun hip hop cardio, and kid-friendly yoga.  Your kiddo can also choose predesigned Tybe workouts if they don’t want to put together their own.



The nutrition, motivation and wellness portions consist of short video clips about different topics.  After the clip your kiddo takes a quick multiple choice “quiz” about the information presented in the video.  Some of the topics covered in these clips include: eating breakfast, dehydration, and bicycle safety.

Kiddos earn GoTrybe points each time they complete a daily activity.  These points are used to rank users on the GoTrybe site.  They can also be used to purchase clothing and accessories from the GoTrybe store, and to customize your kiddo’s avatar.

My Thoughts

My kiddos have been having a blast with this unique and fun online program.  It is so funny to see them run down to the basement so they can do their exercise program.  It is even funnier to watch a 9yo, a 7yo, and a 4yo workout together :).

My favorite part of GoTrybe is that it makes exercising and learning how to be healthy fun for my kiddos, and pretty painless for me.  Even though my ds9 is the only one with a GoTrybe account, all three of my kiddos are enjoying the GoTrybe activities, especially the self-designed workouts.

GoTrybe has an extensive FAQ page which will answer most any question you may have about this unique website. 

More Information

You can try out GoTrybe for free with the promo code “GETFIT”.

A one-year membership to GoTrybe is $19.95 after the free trial {regularly $39.95}.

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I received a free membership to GoTrybe in order to provide an honest and unbiased opinion of our experience with this product.  I did not receive any further compensation for this review.


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