Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Church Picnic & a Big Slide

We celebrated Labor Day with our church family at a cool park that has a humongous wooden slide.  The kiddos {and most of the adults} spent most of their time {after grabbing a few bites of yummy picnic food} at the big slide.  Most of the kiddos were sliding, many of the adults were watching, and some of the bravest adults were sliding too Smile.


According to most of the sliders, the faster you slide the better.


Ds9 tried many different positions…this one seemed to give him the most speed.


Dd7 didn’t really care about speed…fast or slow, she had fun either way.


Ds4 preferred a slower ride…he perfected the slow down at the bottom of the slide.


It seemed that the people who had the most fun were the dads Winking smile.  Dh took some pretty quick and crazy trips down the slide…but not as fast and crazy as some of the others dads!



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