Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Field Trip ~ The County Fair

This week we took our annual trip to the county fair.


Our first stop is usually the households building…my kiddos absolutely love looking at all of the art entries Smile.


We then headed over to the poultry building…it was loud!  I guess that’s what you get when you load a whole bunch of chickens and roosters into one small building Smile.


The poultry building also houses bunnies…and we got a good chuckle out of the looks of this particular bunny.  Anybody ever seen an angora rabbit?  It was quite a sight.  I couldn’t see the eyes, but the small pink thing is the nose I think.


The kiddos spent a lot of time looking at the baby ducklings that were in a pen in the middle of the building.


There was a slide set up in the middle of the pen…some of the ducklings liked to walk up the slide…


and then slide down into the little pool at the bottom.  The kiddos watched this for quite a long time Smile.


After that we headed over to the other side of the fair grounds to see the rest of the animals.  First we stopped at the horse stables.


Then we checked out a mama pig and her new babies.


Dd7 loved seeing all the mamas and new babies at the fair Smile.


This baby calf was born at the fair on Sunday morning…he was still a bit wobbly when we saw him.


At the petting zoo area dd7 got to pet a miniature pony.


And the kiddos got to watch an egg beginning to hatch in an incubator.


We finished up our visit to the fair by taking a couple trips down a one-of-a-kind slide…{the kiddos did, not me Smile}


Whew…that’s been two field trips in two weeks!  We’ve really enjoyed having a break in our schedule and are now looking forward to a school break next week Smile.



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