Friday, August 6, 2010

Learning Notes ~ Week ending August 6th

Way back when…when we first began homeschooling, and I had my first blog, I posted a weekly wrap-up of sorts that I called Learning Notes.  As I have been visiting other homeschooling blogs, I have been inspired to start that habit up again.  Thank you to Weird, Unsocialized HomeschoolersSecond Star to the Right and Straight on till Morning, and Our Busy Homeschool for your inspiration :)

This week was our first official week of school, after having a break since mid-May!  Plus, I am adding a 1st grader into the mix this year (the k year is pretty laid back in our homeschool), and my 3yo really wants to take part in everything that we do :)  So needless to say…we took it easy.  I only planned to begin a few of our subjects this week. 


1.  The 3rd grader and I began his “reading aloud to me” routine.  This year we’re starting with the Second Reader of The Moore McGuffey Readers Series.  He reads one lesson per day to me…this gives me a chance to hear him read and it also gives him some one-on-one time with me (and me with him)…something we both don’t get enough of.  He also completed his first week of lessons in WWE2 and the first couple of pages in his Peterson Directed Handwriting curriculum (I am reviewing this for the TOS Crew).

2.  The 1st grader was ecstatic to begin school this week.  Together we completed two days of All About Spelling Level One, and she has already finished Step One!  She also read two chapters to me from her current reader, It is Fun to Read.  She completed the first two pages in Italics Handwriting Book B.  And she performed her duties as our weather and calendar girl very admirably :).  We use a cute calendar (similar to this one) that was given to us a couple years ago to keep track of the date, season, weather, etc.

3.  Both 1st grader and the 3rd grader completed two math lessons in their CLE Math Books…ds8 complained about having to do speed drills again, and dd6 complained because she didn’t have any speed drills to do yet :0. 


4.  The 1st grader and the 3yo had a blast on the Time4Learning site (another TOS review product).  They each spent about 20mins each morning doing the activities.

5.  The 3yo reminded me every morning that it was time to add a new number to his new calendar (I picked up a calendar pocket chart for him).

6.  We also had a lot of fun extras this week…some planned ahead of time, some spur of the moment.  On Tuesday we spent the afternoon playing with friends in their pool.  On Wednesday we spent the afternoon with my Mom and my two nieces…we snuck a visit to our local library in during their visit.  And on Thursday afternoon the kiddos went to Grandma’s house for lunch while I ran some errands (getting the binding cut off of school books and checking out the Target Dollar Spot).

Now I’m off to work on next week’s plans ~ we’re adding a couple more subjects in next week.

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See Jamie blog said...

Sounds like a great week. :)

Jen said...

We'll be starting Sept. 7 via cyberschool, so I'll have one 1st grader and one 3rd grader learning at home this year and a baby on my hip. Busy turning my diningroom into a schoolroom- excited, but a little nervous about the responsibility. (work on weekends, too) Looks like your first week went well and I bet it helps that they were excited about starting!

Creative and Curious Kids!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like the perfect mix of fun and education! Great week :)


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