Monday, August 16, 2010

Student Photos 2010 - 2011


The weekend before our first official “back-to-school” week, we stopped by an ice-cream shop for a treat…across the street was a library and outside the library was an adorable little courtyard area.  I grabbed my camera {just in case a photo-op presented itself :)}…and ds8 was immediately game.  He pointed out that there was a cool statue at the front of the courtyard that would make a great back-drop for his “school picture” {well, he didn’t actually use the word “backdrop”, he’s only eight…}

All three kiddos were actually game {usually we have at least one who refuses to smile}. 

First up, our new 3rd grader…always ready to smile for the camera :)

3rd grader ~ ds8 The 3rd grader ~ ds8

Our new 1st grader…

1st grader ~ dd6 The 1st grader ~ dd6

And finally, ds3…he actually smiled for his mama ~ yeah!

ds3 ds3

I also got some very cute group shots…

100_6869 100_6875

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