Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hike to the Falls

We live about 15 minutes from a state park that has a number of hiking trails.  One of our favorite trails leads to a waterfall area.  Since the trail is mostly tree-covered, it remains fairly cool even on hotter days. 

We’ve had hotter than normal weather…but it was supposed to cool down a bit yesterday {to the mid-80s}.   We figured it was a perfect day to take our kiddos to explore this trail...


Every walk begins with the search for the perfect walking stick.

100_7222 100_7225

And you must climb every rock that you find alongside the trail.

100_7232 100_7236 100_7235

When we reached the falls {which were not very big due to the lack of rain in our area}, the two older kiddos and dh hiked to the top of a large section of rocks…

100_7250 100_7252

while ds3 and I remained back at the bottom of the falls area.  Ds3 is emerging from his “I don’t want my picture taken” phase into a “take my picture please mommy {cheesy grin}” phase :)

100_7247 100_7248

Ds8 hopped his way back down the rocks {while his mama looked on, praying that he didn’t miss one}.

100_7253 100_7254 100_7255

Here are some random pictures from our hike…

100_7244 100_7246 100_7242
100_7238 100_7260

I may have even gotten a picture for this year’s Christmas card…

100_7223 100_7224

Note ~ Remember to bring a bag next time…to hold all the acorns ds3 collects :)



Cindy said...

What beautiful pictures! Looks like lot of fun! I'm glad it is starting to cool down some so we can go on more hikes!


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