Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PyraMath ~ A Review


Math is not ds8’s favorite subject so I am always looking for ways to add a bit of fun into our math lessons.  When our package of PyraMath Cards arrived in the mail I was sure that it would be a great addition to our stash of math games…and I was right.

About PyraMath

PyraMath is an exciting, easy to play, one or two-player card game that can be used to strengthen math skills.  Each deck of PyraMath cards contains 56-numbered cards {0-9}.  The goal of the Basic PyraMath Game is to be the first to build a pyramid on your side of the cards.  According the the flyer that came inside our deck of cards:

The basic concept of any PyraMath game is that a single card is played on 2 side-by-side cards using math operations.  For example if a 4 and 7 are side-by-side, the legal plays are 3 {7-4=3}, 1{7+4=11}, and 8 {7x4=28}.

pyramath deck

Our Experience

PyraMath is the ultimate open and go card game…ds8 and I played our first game of Basic Two-Player PyraMath about 1-hour after I opened our package.  {The instructions for this game are here.}   I placed a row of five cards face-up on the floor, placed the remaining deck face-down and called ds8 into the room to try out this new game with me.  When he heard that it was a math game, he was not too thrilled…but I pressed on :) 

We chose to use only the addition and subtraction operations {you can use all four operations or tweak it to fit your needs}.  It took us about five minutes of playing to get the hang of it…and then the fun began.  By the end of our first game {about 20 minutes}, ds8 was hooked!  He won the game {I honestly did not let him win}. 

Once you feel confident with the basic PyraMath game, you can move up to some faster moving games like PyraMath Speed and PyraMath War.  Directions for both of these games {and others} can be found on the PyraMath website

My Thoughts 

This inexpensive card game {$6.95/deck} is an awesome addition to our game closet.  It is fun, it is educational, it is a fabulous way to practice math facts, and it is easily adaptable a variety of ages.

Head over to the PyraMath website to see rules and directions for other games that you can play with your PyraMath deck.  You can also play PyraMath online!

I See Cards, the maker of PyraMath Cards, are also the creators of a number of other fun and educational card games.  Be sure to check out the I See Cards website for more information.

Click here to see what my fellow crewmates are saying about their experiences with PyraMath and other I See Card products.

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I did receive a free copy of this product in return for my honest review of our experience with this product.


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