Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nature Study ~ The Horse {Autumn Series}

We skipped ahead to the 3rd assignment in our Autumn Series Nature Study {the horse} because we had an opportunity to observe a number of horses up close at our recent field trip to the county fair.

We also had the opportunity to witness one horse getting new shoes…

100_7155 100_7156

And many other horses in their stalls.

100_7154 100_7150

When we got home, we spent a little time talking about how horses compare with other mammals, namely dogs.  As the kiddos and I compared these two mammals, I filled out the venn diagram printable {included in the ebook} 

I then had ds8 and dd6 sketch a picture of a horse on their horse notebooking pages {also provided in the ebook}.  I found a “how to draw a horse” page in our Sing! Play! Create! book…I left it on the table to help dd6 draw her horse. 

100_7187 100_7188

I placed these pages along with our venn diagram into page protectors and filed everything in our family nature study notebook.

This Nature Study ebook has made my goal of getting nature study back into our homeschool so much easier to accomplish :)


Monica said...

Love the pictures your kids made - we are going to do our Horse study on Fair Week!

Monica said...

Hey - I've TAGGED you with a Q&A session - but only if you are interested.


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