Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up ~ trying out a new schedule

I have known since we began school over six weeks ago that our later morning schedule was not working…but I was very hesitant to change it.  It’s not that any of us sleep in {everyone is up by 7:30am…at the very latest}, but I liked having some time in the morning to get things ready, to exercise, to clean out my email…:) 

Well, not starting our school day until 10am has SO not been working for us…so this week we moved our start time up a bit…and it has been going so much better!  We have been able to complete almost ALL of our schoolwork before lunch…and have a half hour recess too :) Both the kiddos and I love the fact that our afternoons are now mostly free time…

Our New {and improved} Schedule ~

6:00am Mom is up ~ read Bible, 5 miles on exercise bike
7:00am Mom showers
7:30am Kiddos awake, 1/2 hour movie or PBS show
Mom breakfast prep
8:00am breakfast/Keys for Kids devotional
8:30am Calendar & Bible Study {T/Th} or Circle Time {M/W/F}
9:00am AM chores {make beds, get dressed, brush teeth, etc}
9:30am in basement school room for L/A and Math
10:30am snack and recess {if math and L/A are finished}
11:00am geography at kitchen table
11:30am history {T/Th} or science {M/W/F} at kitchen table
12:00pm lunch prep, lunch, and clean-up
1:00pm take a walk or outside play{M-TH}, nature study {F}
1:30pm Chores and Quiet Time prep
3:00pm Snack
3:30pm free time, outside play {M/W/Th/F}, Art {T}


Bible ~ We are really learning a lot with our new Bible curriculum Bible Study Guide for All Ages.  This week we continued learning about Joseph.  I love the all three kiddos have activity pages that match their learning level, and they love all of the visual components that this Bible study provides.

Reading ~ Dd6 has almost completed Step 7 in her All About Spelling book…I cannot say enough wonderful things about this curriculum :)  Right now she is reading to me from one of her Sonlight Readers.  I have the AAS reader, Cobweb the Cat on a shelf waiting for the day that we get to Step 15 and she can use this reader {it matches the work she is doing in AAS}.

I tweaked ds8’s reading a bit, he still has the same list posted on the refrigerator, but this week I began assigning a book for him to read from the list.  Before he can read one of his “fun” books each day, he must read at least one chapter from his “reading” book.  And just so ya know, he is finding that his “reading” books are actually “fun” books…he just needed to give them a chance :)

Grammar ~ Both of the older kiddos are working through First Language Lessons…dd6 is doing FLL1 with me {she keeps begging me for a new poem to memorize}, and ds8 is doing FLL3 with me.  Thanks to our new schedule, we are actually completing 2-3 lessons per week in these books :)

Writing ~ Ds8 completed week six in his Writing With Ease 2 book this week.  I have held off on starting dd6 on WWE1 {she is still a very beginning reader}…although I may begin doing some of the narration assignments with her.

Math ~ Both kiddos are still plugging along in their Math books.  Ds8 is ecstatic that he is now given two minutes to complete his speed drills :) 

History ~ This week we continued our study of the Vikings.  I read Leif the Lucky aloud while the kiddos colored some viking coloring pages and we perused a couple of Viking books that I reserved at our library {and picked up at our library’s cool drive-thru window!}

Geography ~ We learned about The Netherlands this week.  We read about The Netherlands in our A Trip Around the World book, and also in Our World: A Country by Country Guide.  We also read an article in our God’s World News magazine about a 14-year old girl from The Netherlands who wants to be the youngest person to make a solo sail around the world.  And I found a cool magazine all about The Netherlands at our library {Faces: The Netherlands}.  Most of the articles in this magazine were a bit too old for my kiddos, but it did contain some really interesting pictures that they enjoyed looking at. 

Science ~ We continued our study of the sun this week.  We learned about solar eclipses and thermonuclear fusion {pretty impressive, huh}…and we learned that you can melt chocolate by using a magnifying glass to direct a spot of light from the sun onto the chocolate {and the chocolate melts faster when the spot of light is smaller}.  We also learned that edible experiments are the best {especially the  chocolate ones}!

100_7085 100_7084 100_7086

And I must admit that I had a “duh” moment this week…I discovered that our Exploring Creation with Astronomy Notebook has mini-books that can be cut out and completed for each of the lessons…how did I miss that ?! 

Nature Study ~ I had intended for us to complete our first assignment in our Autumn Nature Study ebook on Friday, but ds3 was on the couch with a fever from lunchtime on.  He’s feeling much better now {we’ve had some strange 6 hour fever germ going through our home lately}…so hopefully we’ll get to do our nature study this weekend.

Next week is our county fair.  The kiddos and I usually spend at least one day there…checking out the households entries {ds8 entered a photograph last year ~ and got a 4th place ribbon!}, walking through the livestock barns, and visiting the petting zoo area.  I am really looking forward to our first official field trip of the school year :)

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Monica said...

Love your schedule! I'm going to have to revise mine because of our co-ops! Thanks for sharing!

Wendy said...

I love reading about other homeschooling families' schedules. I suppose the main reason is that I'm not so good at scheduling, so it amazes me the way some folks can make a schedule and actually stick to it. :) I do have a general idea of the order of our day, and that works pretty well for us.

I signed up to follow your blog while I was here visiting. I love your header and your button!

Amy said...

Your library has a drive-through?! That's awesome!
Is there a limit of how many items you can borrow through the drive-through?

My oldest (7) and I tried started a fire with a magnifying glass this summer. We got smoke, but couldn't get flames. I'm thinking maybe we should try chocolate! :)

And our county fair is next week, also!

Wendi said...

Wendy ~ Thanks for following me :)

I'm not a really strict schedule least not the short increment kind of schedule ~ but this "box" schedule does seem to work well for us. I plan that we will do LA and Math during our 1-hour time slot...but I don't plan that we will do 15 mins of spelling, 20 mins of math, etc.

And the recess and snack time at 10:30 is really kiddos love the recess so they work extra hard, and I don't usually get to do much computer stuff until that time, so I am motivated too :)

Wendi said...

Amy ~ I know, how awesome is a drive-thru library window! I'm not sure what the limit on books is, I know I have gotten at least 15 books/cds at one time through it though.

We read about the burning leaves experiment, but when our science book recommended the melting chocolate experiment I thought it sounded much safer...and yummier too :)


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