Monday, February 7, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Halfway through our school year that is…I’ve seen many people announcing that they’ve finally reached the halfway point and I am wondering “are we there yet?”

Since we’re using a bunch of different resources and I stagger our start for different subjects, it is hard to determine if we have reached the halfway point yet.  We may be halfway through spelling and writing but not yet halfway through history and science. 

So I sat down one afternoon last week {while poor ds9 was on the couch/sickbed and dd6 and ds4 were playing} and figured out where we are in each of our resources and here’s what I came up with…

Ds9 {3rd grade}

  • Writing ~ currently in week 21 {of 36}
  • Spelling ~ currently working on lesson 17 {of 34}
  • First Language Lessons ~ currently working on lesson 49 {of 89, plus 21 optional lessons}
  • Reading List ~ has finished 15 of 25 scheduled books
  • Math ~ has 4 light units left in current grade level {out of 10 light units}

Dd6 {1st grade}

  • Reading & Spelling ~ this resource is not really a grade level, we just continue on to the next book once this one is finished
  • Math ~ almost finished with 3rd light unit {out of 10}
  • First Language Lessons ~ currently working on lesson 49 {out of 100}

Family Subjects

History ~ working on week 19 {out of 36}

Read Alouds ~

  • completed 6 {out of the 16 that I plan to read this year} from Core 2
  • completed 5 additional read-alouds from Core K
  • completed 3 additional missionary related read-alouds and are currently working on a 4th one

Science ~ currently on lesson 6 {out of 14}

Bible ~ this resource does not have a grade level, we just continue to the next unit once this one is completed

So I guess that means that except for dd6’s math curriculum, ds’s FLL resource, and our read alouds {although a few of these read alouds are optional in my mind}…we are officially over halfway through our school year…yay!


See Jamie blog said...

Yay for being halfway through! As much as I love homeschooling and feel blessed to do it, it is really comforting to hit those markers like the 1/2-way point through each year!


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