Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What We’ve Read Aloud So Far…

From Core K:

My Father’s Dragon ~ We all loved this imaginative read about a boy who rescues a dragon from an island full of wild animals.

The Family Under the Bridge ~ Sweet story about three homeless kiddos who soften the heart of a homeless man.  Perfect read-aloud while we were studying France.

The Boxcar Children ~ We actually listened to this one on an audio cd that we borrowed from the library.  The kiddos were already familiar with The Boxcar children {and I remember loving the series from when I was a kiddo}. 

B is for Betsy ~ My dd6 especially appreciated mama choosing a book with a girl as the main character…it seems that many of our read alouds have more boys as the main characters.

The Apple and the Arrow ~ Talk about courage and trust…we loved this story about the legend of William Tell.

From Core 2

Red Sails to Capri ~ We read this while we were studying Italy…great book that we all enjoyed.

Ginger Pye ~ Another audio cd from the library…My animal loving dd6 really liked this book {the boys did too}.

The Minstrel in the Tower ~ A short chapter book about a courageous brother and sister during the times of the crusades.

Castle Diary~ We found an oversized, full-color version of this book at the library.  The kiddos loved looking at the pictures while I read aloud.  This was an excellent addition to our study of medieval times.

The Cricket in Times Square ~ We listened to the audio cd from the library.  I love it when I can find an audio cd of a book on our read-aloud list…then I can listen along while I work :).

The Door in the Wall ~ Another great addition to our history studies.  Excellent story about a courageous young boy during the middle ages.

The Apprentice ~ Great book about an young apprentice during the Renaissance period.  This book was a great precursor to another book we just finished reading…

Michelangelo ~ Great picture book about Michelangelo.  We read it in one sitting :) 

Missionary Read Alouds

Catching Their Talk in a Box ~ An excellent read aloud from Sonlight Core 2.  This tells the story of Joy Ridderhof who was led by God to “catch the talk” of people who had no Bible in their own language and put their talk on records so they could hear the Gospel in their own tongue…an amazing book that was enjoyed by all of us.

New Toes for Tia ~ We really enjoyed this short picture book that I had bought from Sonlight many years ago. 

William Tyndale: Queen’s Smuggler ~ an amazing biography about William Tyndale, who translated the Bible into English.  This was a part of a unit study product review that I did for the TOS Crew…but it fit perfectly into our history studies.



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