Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting the most from PaperBackSwap

I've been a member of PBSwap for over a year now. Over time I have found some ways to get the most from my PBSwap membership.

Set up a wishlist and include all the books that you are wishing for, you may be surprised which books are eventually listed by other members. For instance, I just received Family Math from another PBSwap member. I had this book on my wishlist for over a year. This book usually sells for over $20 and I obtained it for one PBSwap credit! Believe me, I did the "Happy Dance" when this book arrived in the mail :)

Check out the PBSwap discussion forums. Many members post deals on these forums - like 2-for-1 and 3-for-1 deals; I've even seen some 5-for-1 deals! There are forums for homeschoolers, writers, teachers, caregivers, and many more.

Recycle your mailing envelopes. I am always careful when I open the packages that I receive from other PBSwap members, and I am usually able to re-use these envelopes when I mail out my books - just tape the PBSwap mailing label over the previous label, tape the package up and you're good to go!

For more frugal ideas, visit Frugal Friday.


Luke said...

We've been getting rid of paperbacks we're not going to read again and replacing them with hardcover childrens' books and homeschooling resources through PBS. Even after the cost of postage, PBS is an incredible deal for us!

Anonymous said...

I love my PBSwap membership!! I have only had it for a year, and have recieved many books, including most of my Kindergartener's read alouds for this school year! PBSwap is wonderful!

Michelle said...

I love getting vision forum books from there. SOOO many on my wish list.

I recently did a blog post about this. Why wouldnt ANYONE want to do this????

Laura Lee said...

These tips are great!! I've been interested in joining PBSwap, but I thought the cost of participating far outweighed the bennies. This insider help could get me onboard, surely.


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