Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Bookshelf

This past weekend I removed many of the winter books that were currently on the kids' bookshelf and replaced them with some "springier" reads. I know, "springier" is not a word, but it fits :)

I put a massive amount of spring books on hold through our library's online catalog (I love the internet!). As these come in, I will add them to our shelves.

I also searched for some St. Patrick's Day books, but there were not that many to choose from. I did find one in my own stash that I had snagged from library sale last year: St. Patrick's Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting.

On the second shelf are some leftover winter books about "sugaring time", I plan on cleaning these out in a week or two. Our favorite one is Sugar Snow - all of my kids love the First Little House Books.

On the third shelf are some Easter selections that we own: The Legend of the Easter Egg, The Story of the Resurrection Eggs, and The Parable of the Lily.

On the bottom shelf are some springtime picture books: Lost in the Woods and Springtime. I'll be adding more springtime books to this shelf as we go through the season. I have a whole pile of them waiting on my bookshelf.

This bookshelf is attached to our living room wall. I try to rotate the selections in here every few weeks. I love the fact that the fronts of the books are displayed ~ if I put a book on this shelf, I can pretty much guarantee that the kids will choose to read it (or ask me to read it).

I also cleaned out our magazine basket. Last year, I sorted all of our children's magazines by season: December, January and February for Winter; March, April and May for Spring, etc. My plan is to keep magazines that match our current season in the magazine basket. The kids haven't seen them for a year, so they are like new to them. Some of the magazine titles included in our basket are Clubhouse Jr., High Five, and Chirp.

As you can see, the magazine basket is not only for magazines. It is also a catchall for other books - right now it has a couple Rod & Staff Little Jewel books and other favorites.

I also sat down and laid out a very basic plan for the next few months of school - our main curriculum comes from Ambleside Online's Year One Reading List, but I like to add in some extra science read-alouds (mostly picture books) and also some history & holiday read-alouds. But that post will have to wait for another day :)


Jenny said...

Great idea! I put out our Easter and Spring books on the fireplace.


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