Friday, November 19, 2010

{Bi}Weekly Wrap-Up

Yep, I decided the bi-weekly wrap-up works much better for us…the weeks go by so fast that I just can’t keep up with a weekly one :)

Here’s what we’ve been up to for the past two weeks…

Ds8 {3rd grade} has working on his three r’s very diligently.  The book he’s currently reading from his reading list is a longer one and he’s been working through it for the past two weeks.  He finished two more weeks in his Writing With Ease workbook, and six more lessons in First Language Lessons Level 3

He completed another light unit in his math curriculum today…and passed the unit test with flying colors! 

IMG_0336Dd6 {1st grade} has completed over half of All About Spelling Level One, and just this week we got to break out our new AAS reader, The Runt Pig.  She is loving this book {and I am loving how wonderfully this reader matches up with the reading and spelling skills she is learning in her daily AAS lessons!}.

She is also cruising through her math lessons {we do four lessons each week}.


Ds4 has been using scissors like crazy…every day he asks for a handful of “cutting”  papers from one of our Kumon books.  I’ve been finding paper scraps everywhere :)


Science ~ We have been studying the Earth in our astronomy text for the past two weeks.  It is truly amazing how God made this planet that we live on.  It has a perfect atmosphere, perfect tilt, perfect mass, perfect distance {from the sun}, perfect magnetosphere, perfect rotation, and perfect land…perfect for human life. 

History ~ We finished up our study of knights and castles this past week.   I hope to celebrate our completion of studying this time period by letting the kiddos make a castle out of Kix cereal {I saw this cool idea on the Live, Learn, and Love Together blog}. 

Read Aloud ~ We finished Castle Diary last week and we have moved on to reading B is for Betsy.  My dd6 is especially enjoying this read aloud because Betsy is just about her age :).

Other Stuff ~ Our weather in these parts has been beautiful, warm, perfect for outside fun…and we’ve been taking advantage of it :).  Last weekend we took a hike through history and we spent a day at a friend’s house having a whole lot of harvest time fun.

IMG_0374 IMG_0444

Next week we’ll be taking a bit of a break from our regular studies.  I plan to have the kiddos continue with math and reading, and we’ll continue our read-aloud…but we’ll take a break from science and history to spend time learning about the pilgrims and Thanksgiving :)


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