Friday, November 19, 2010

KB Teachers ~ A Review


KBTeachers is a wonderful online source for worksheets and printables that can be used with all ages and grade levels {k-12}.  KBTeachers also offers a math worksheet generator and free clipart and graphics that are exclusive to KBTeachers.  This helpful website has been online for over 10 years.

KBTeachers offers worksheets and printables for a variety of subjects:

  • English {Alphabet, Grammar & Writing, Cursive Writing}
  • Math {Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division,Telling Time, etc}
  • Science {Astronomy, Geology, Weather, Biology}
  • Social Studies {for the upper grades}

They also offer numerous seasonal printables, including holiday printables and even webquests based on events that occured on particular days.  For instance, November featured a webquest for Veteran’s Day {November 11th} and Robert Louis Stevenson {birthday was November 13th}.

In addition, KBTeachers offers free printables that are accessible to everyone, including free themed math worksheets and free science pages {FREE is written in red beside the free pages}.

 Our Experience

Since receiving a free membership to the KBTeachers site {for the purpose of this review}, I have printed numerous worksheets and printables that have been used in our homeschool. 

My ds4 {who is learning his letters} loves the alphabet pages that I have printed for him.  He’s a big guy now {since his recent birthday} and he wants to “do school” like his big brother and big sister.  KBTeachers Alphabet Factory pages are the perfect fit for him. 

The Alphabet Factory pages range from simple letter tracing worksheets {one letter per page, and your choice of color or black & white}, to word scrambles and “write a story” pages.  

I have also used a number of printables from the science section of KBTeachers website.  This year we are studying astronomy, and I have been very impressed with the astronomy pages offered on KBTeachers.  They have created worksheets for each of the individual planets that we are using as notebook pages.  After we complete our study of each planet, I have the kiddos complete that planet’s page, and we file it away in our astronomy notebook.

My Thoughts

Let me preface my thoughts by saying that we do not use a lot of worksheets in our homeschool.  However, I do like to have worksheets available for my kiddos who are learning their letters and practicing handwriting.  In addition, we are beginning use “notebooking” in both science and history to keep an account of our learning in these subjects. 

I have been extremely pleased with the variety of worksheets that I have found on KBTeachers.  I have also been very impressed with the quality of the printables that I have used.  I especially appreciate that KBTeachers offers printables that I am able to use with all of my kiddos, from alphabet factory and introductory math skills pages for my youngest {age 4}, to astronomy worksheets and informational webquests for my 3rd grader.

KBTeachers’ website is organized so that the worksheets that I want are very easy to find.  In addition, because of the way KBTeachers has set up their website, I do not have to download the printables before I print them {which saves a lot of time}. 

More About KBTeachers

The current price for a membership to KBTeachers is $29 for one year, or $49 for two years.  For this price you will receive unlimited access to all of the worksheets and printables on the KBTeachers website.

There are also some worksheets on the KBTeachers website that are free to everyone, regardless of membership. 

KBTeachers offers a 10 day free trial and they also provide a 30-day money back guarantee once you join their site.

Visit their Benefits page to read more about the benefits that a premium membership to KBTeachers offers.

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I received a free membership to KBTeachers in order to provide an honest review of my experience with this product.   I received no other compensation for this review.



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