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Corps of Re-Discovery ~ A Review

Corps of Re-Discovery is a home-based business that provides “High Quality Project Kits for American Indian, Frontier, Pioneer American and Lewis and Clark Studies”.  This unique company is owned by a homeschooling family.  Be sure to visit their “About Us Page on their website to read all about this creative homeschool family.

Our Experience

We received the Corps of Re-Discovery’s Tomahawk kit to review.  This kit contained only three pieces: a wooden handle {with a slit at the top and a hole at the bottom}, a pre-cut leather “blade”, and a long leather lace.  Everything came neatly packaged together in a small plastic bag. 

IMG_0324 IMG_0325

Once I emptied the contents of the package, I quickly read over the instructions before handing the project over to ds8.

The instructions were very simple and included both written directions and helpful diagrams.

The instructions stated that decorating the tomahawk handle and/or blade was completely optional.  They did provide suggestions as to what materials could be used to decorate; these materials were not included in the kit.  They also suggested that you decorate before putting together the kit.

Ds8 decided that he wanted to put a stripe that spiraled down the handle, so to keep things simple we used permanent marker {on the instruction sheet it was suggested that you could also use acrylic paint {not included} to decorate}. 

IMG_0327 IMG_0328

After he decorated the handle, he set to work putting together his tomahawk. 

IMG_0329 IMG_0330
IMG_0331 IMG_0332
IMG_0333 IMG_0335

Fifteen minutes later, ds8 had his own personal tomahawk…


An added plus about this particular tomahawk…the leather-blade {as opposed to, you know, a really sharp metal blade} makes it safe for for little brothers too :)


My Thoughts

Ds8 really enjoyed putting together his tomahawk.  Corps of Re-Discovery made the process super simple by including all of the required parts in their packaging.  They also provided very simple and easy to follow instructions.  And the kit was very reasonably priced {regular price $7.99}. 

I would definitely recommend the tomahawk kit to anyone who is looking for a fun project for their kiddos to do.  This kit, and other Corps of Re-Discovery kits, can be used to enhance American History studies, or they can be used by parents who are looking to add some handicrafts into their child’s home education experience. 

candle dipping kit clothespin doll kit american indian pkg

Even better, they can be used simply to infuse a bit of hands-on fun into any day {no educational reason required :)}.  I can envision purchasing some of these kits to give as gifts {I know my dd6 would love the clothespin doll kit}, to use as birthday party crafts, or even just to stow away in our rainy day {or snowy day} box.

More Information about Corps of Re-Discovery

The Tomahawk kit that we received has a regular price of $7.99, but is currently listed at $5.50 on the website. 

I believe that this kit would appeal to a wide variety of ages…my ds8 had no problem putting it together pretty much by himself once I got him started.  I think even an older kiddo {older elementary school and up} would enjoy one of these kits…especially if he or she has an interest in American history.

Corps of Re-Discovery also sells a number of other historical project kits.  On their website they have divided their products into four different categories:

Corps of Re-Discovery offers three different ways to order from their company.  You can place an order online at their website, you can order by phone, or you can order by mail.

We plan on beginning a two-year study of American History next year and I will definitely be purchasing some of these simple and inexpensive project kits to enhance our studies.

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I received this product for free in order to provide an honest review of my experience with this product.  I did not receive any other compensation for my review.


Sheri said...

Lovely review and I enjoyed the pics of your son hard at work! Glad it was enjoyable for all. Yes, these make great gifts! You may want to try the coin purse too.


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