Friday, October 15, 2010

William Tyndale: A Soli Deo Gloria ebook study ~ Review

Perfect timing!  We had just finished our latest missionary read-aloud and I was searching my shelves for the next missionary biography to read aloud to my kiddos…when I was asked to review a unit study ebook on the life of William Tyndale by Soli Deo Gloria Resources.


Soli Deo Gloria Resources is owned by a homeschooling family and their goal is to provide curricula to other homeschooling families...curricula that is designed to help other homeschoolers educate their children “for God’s Glory Alone!” 

About this Unit Study

William Tyndale: God’s Smuggler is a 21-page ebook that contains lesson plans for a unit study on the life of William Tyndale, one of the early reformers and translator of the Bible into English. 

In this five-day unit study, you will learn about the life of William Tyndale through a variety of resources, including a read-aloud  and a video {selected by you}.  You and your children will also learn about the times of William Tyndale {middle ages} through map work, timeline work, and discussion of various factors that affected these times {the plague, the invention of the printing press, social issues, etc.}.

In order to complete this unit study, it is necessary to gather some required resources to be used alongside the lessons plans.  Kim Kargbo {the author} provides an extensive list of suggested resources in the ebook from which to choose…along with a short description and a suggested age appeal for each resource {see link to recommended resource page here}.

From that list one book and/or one movie needs to be obtained.  All of the resources listed should be readily available and Mrs. Kargbo includes suggestions for where each of the resources can be obtained {I was able to obtain my read-aloud from PaperbackSwap and my dvd from Netflix}.

In addition to the suggested resources list, this ebook contains a number of other helpful features, including:

  • suggestions for how to prepare for this unit study
  • links to related websites   
  • coloring pages {kept my kiddos’ hands busy while I read to them}
  • integration of other subjects including science and art

This unit study is designed to be used with multiple ages of students, from preschool to highschool.  And Mrs. Kargbo makes it extremely easy to adapt these lessons to fit the students in your homeschool ~ in her lesson plans she recommends certain activities for younger students and different activities for older students.

Our Experience

I am ashamed to admit it, but before completing this unit study I really had no idea of William Tyndale’s contribution to Christianity.  My kiddos and I learned together about the huge sacrifice that William Tyndale made in order to translate the Bible into English so that God’s Word could be accessible to the common person. 

By following the lesson plans laid out in this unit study we learned not only about William Tyndale’s life, we also learned about the times that William Tyndale lived in…times that made his work very dangerous {and eventually led to his being martyred} ~ yet Tyndale did not give up…he continued the work that he felt God had called him to do.

I am a firm believer in tweaking curriculum to fit my family’s needs.  While we did not complete all of the activities laid out in the lesson plans, we did complete many of them.  For instance, we did spend a lot of time reading about Tyndale {using our read-aloud and some informational sketches provided in the ebook}; we did not complete any of the suggested copywork or use any of the “art connections” suggestions.

Despite our tweaking of this curriculum, I think my kiddos and I came away with a very strong knowledge of the life and times of William Tyndale. 

More Information about Soli Deo Gloria Resources

William Tyndale: God’s Smuggler is available for purchase from the Soli Deo Gloria Resources website in ebook form for $8.00. 

A link to a sample lesson plan for the William Tyndale study is available on this page.

Soli Deo Gloria Resources also sells a variety of other products {mostly unit studies} on their website.  They sell a mix of printed items and ebooks…many of their resources are available in both forms.  All of the curricula that they sell is designed to help other homeschoolers educate their children “for God’s Glory Alone!”

In addition to the products that they sell, they also provide a number of free resources on their website.  You will also find valuable information regarding unit studies on the “Using Unit Studies” page.

I especially appreciate the heart behind this company.  If you get a chance, please take a minute or two to read about this homeschooling family on their “Who We Are” page…I think you will be blessed :).

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I received a free copy of this item in order to provide an honest review of our experience with this product.



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