Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nature Study ~ Signs of Autumn

Barb at Handbook of Nature Study posted a free nature study notebooking page a while back…I printed out three copies that same day.  They’ve been sitting in our nature study folder just begging to be used…this week we’ve been taking a break from “regular” schoolwork so that we could catch up on some things ~ a perfect week to fit in some nature study…

The beginning of the week was pretty rainy and chilly around here {we even plugged in our portable heater one morning}…so when the temps rose on Thursday, we took advantage of the warming trend and headed out for a nature walk around our neighborhood…a “looking for signs of autumn” nature walk :)

Before we began our walk, we talked about some of the signs of fall that we might see on our walk…and I encouraged the kiddos to keep a lookout for these things.

The leaves are just starting to turn around here, so most of the trees were still full and green,  but we did see some of the smaller trees’ leaves beginning to change and fall to the ground.

We also saw lots of pumpkins and mums decorating neighbors’ porches, the field behind us had lots of dry grass and many of the wildflowers are drying up.  We looked for signs of migrating birds…but saw none on this particular walk.

When we got home, we pulled out our colored pencils and the kiddos set to work on their “Signs of Autumn” notebooking page…even ds3 completed one :)

100_7278 100_7277 100_7279

It’s truly amazing how refreshed we all felt after we returned from our nature walk {or run, hop, skip, and jump in my ds3’s case}.



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