Thursday, October 28, 2010


Um, I was tagged a while back, then I was tagged againI’ve had this post simmering but it’s taken me a while to add the final touches {I edit a lot!}.  I have to admit, I’ve cheated a bit too ~ instead of answering all of the questions from my two taggers I’ve decided to answer just a handful…and I didn’t tag anyone else…yep, I’m such a rule breaker :)

Well, here we go…

Have you ever gone to a homeschool convention? If so, did you have fun?  Yes and Yes!  We have one very small homeschool convention {no speakers, just vendors} that takes place about 20 mins from us…dh and I try to go to this convention every year.  We also have a larger homeschool convention {with speakers and lots more vendors} that takes place about one hour from us…dh and I usually use this as a weekend getaway for us.  I love the atmosphere, being surrounded by hundreds of other families who have made the choice to homeschool…and I must admit, I love being surrounded by thousands of  books for sale :)

What are some of your child’s God given gifts? or talents?

My oldest son {age 8} has amazing athletic ability…and amazing balance.

My daughter {age 6} has a wonderfully creative imagination.

My youngest son {age 3} is the funniest kid I know…God has given him a great sense of humor.

What character issue is God working on in your life right now?

Kindness, being kind to the people I love the most here on earth…my kiddos and my husband.  Lately it seems that every devotional that I read to the kiddos convicts me about my need to be more kind.  Every time I prepare to correct my kiddos about their unkindness to each other, I am reminded of the importance of my example to them :)

Do you watch a TV series?  If so, which one? or two? or three?

I have to admit that my dh and I stay up late to watch Criminal Minds reruns… 

Do you plan to homeschool "forever" or just for a season?

The plan is to homeschool forever…but we have learned that God has a way of changing our plans when He needs to :)  Right now we know that God is calling our family to homeschool right now…the future is in His hands.

What is your biggest homeschooling challenge, and how do you handle it?

Hmmm, I think my biggest homeschooling challenge is finding a way to juggle all three kiddos…right now my 3rd grader can do some of his work independently, but there are still many subjects that he needs my time for{grammar, some writing, some math}.  My 1st grader is still learning to read and most of her subjects require me to be right next to her.  And while my preschooler does play independently during much of our school time, there are times when he needs me also…and usually it works out that all three kiddos need me at the same time :)

If you have multiple children, how do you find one-on-one time for instruction? (I mainly mean for younger children and reading.)  Good question {see above}…I am still working on this one :) 

How do you find time for your own pleasure reading?   Honestly, some nights I stay up way too late in order to finish a really good book…

Boxers or briefs? Just kidding ... sweet or salty ... your favorite snack. 

I discovered the joy of dark chocolate when I was pregnant with baby #3…I have since become quite a dark chocolate snob :)  It must be Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate ~ although they recently changed the recipe {why mess with perfection I ask???!} and I am not as fond of the new one :(

Thanks so much to the ladies that tagged me {Beverly from The Cow Queen and Monica from Discover Their Gifts}…this was a fun game to play!  I hope you enjoyed it too :)



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