Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Two Week Edition

It seems that I am better at doing bi-weekly wrap-ups than weekly ones…hmmm.

Well, last week {the one beginning 10/18} began normal enough.  We were just coming off a two-week break and we were all ready to get back into a regular routine. 

Monday went well…but Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday were marked down as sick days on my calendar. 

This week we were all healthy, and we were able to get a lot done…

Bible Study

I think we have finally found a rhythm that works for us with our Bible study program {Bible Study Guide for All Ages}.  We’ve been studying the life of Joseph…this week we read about Joseph’s brothers bowing down to him when they arrived in Egypt to buy grain during the famine.

Reading & Spelling

Dd6 is moving along in All About Spelling {this is her spelling and reading program}.  This week she completed Step 10 in her Level One book.  I got her new AAS reader in mail {Runt Pig}.  It looks fabulous, we can’t wait to start reading it :) 

runt pig

Ds8 just completed lesson 7 in his Rod & Staff spelling program…I am still procrastinating about transitioning him to All About Spelling, and our Rod & Staff spelling is just so easy to implement.

I’ve also added God’s World News to his daily reading assignment…each day I choose two to three pages for him to read {in addition to his other assigned reading}.  This has worked out really well so far.


We’ve been having a blast learning about India with Sonlight’s My Passport to India program.  The kiddos and I are really enjoying the on-line videos.  We usually watch the short video clips after lunch while we’re all still gathered around the table.  


We’ve been reading a lot about castles and knights in our history program {Sonlight Core 2}.  Our current read-aloud is Castle Diary…I’ve been reading from a small paperback copy that we received with our curriculum, but yesterday I discovered a huge hardback copy of this book at our library.  This version has large, colorful illustrations that I knew my kiddos would love.  Last night when I read from the paperback chapter book, ds8 and dd6 looked at the corresponding illustrations in the large hardback book.

Carrie at Live, Learn and Love Together provided a wonderful list of books about knights and castles in her wrap-up post yesterday…I requested some of the books from our library…I hope to add them into the mix next week.

I also picked up a box of Kix cereal and a bag a marshmallows so we can try our hand at making our own castle :)


IMG_0321 IMG_0320

This week we began learning about Venus…the hottest planet {even though it’s not the closest planet to the sun}.  We had fun learning about lava {Venus has lots of volcanoes} with a simple little experiment suggested in our science text {Exploring Creation with Astronomy}. 

In addition to all of the book learning we’ve been doing, we’ve also had plenty of real-life learning taking place around here…sick days, apple orchard stops, doctor appointments, library visits, and much more!

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Kara said...

Sounds like a good week! Glad you're feeling better! We really enjoy BSG for All Ages too. And we LOVED Castle Diary.


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