Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baking Nights

One night a week, while Daddy and my oldest son head to AWANAs, the two youngest and I have a baking night.
After getting the dinner dishes washed up, I pre-measure our ingredients into kid-friendly containers. On this particular night we are making breakfast cookies.
My daughter takes her turn adding ingredients to the mixing bowl. She also loves to try her hand at mixing the batter.
And I can't forget to give my two-year old a turn, he wants to do it all by himself :)
Once the batter is ready for the oven, I give the kids a small taste of their favorite ingredient, chocolate chips - they usually have a bit of fun before actually eating them.
While they're enjoying their little treat, I pop the cookies into the oven.
When the first batch is finished, my taste-testers enjoy the fruits of their labors (actually, on this night they also got to finish up some left-over birthday cake along with taste-testing our fresh-baked breakfast cookies).

And of course, we always leave some samples on the the counter for Daddy and big bro to snack on when they return.

A fun, productive evening with my kiddos. A yummy breakfast treat for the morning (and some for the freezer). A cute little guy in a too-big apron. Definitely a finer thing.

There's lots more finer things over at Amy's blog.


Relishing Life said...

My little boys love baking too! I are going to have to take the time to do more baking with them. Thanks for the reminder!

Brandy said...

They are just darling! You are inspiring me...this is something I need to do more of with my children.

Anonymous said...

Aww... I wish we cooked more with our boys! I need to start doing it more, but our kitchen is so tiny it's hard to keep it "even" ;)

Your kiddos are just cute!

gina said...

How cute! So much of our "best" momnets happen in the kitchen. :)

ps. I love the name and tag line of your blog!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

What a great idea to do something special with the littles while big brother is off doing his own fun thing.

More dishes, but much easier to involve the kids when you've pre-measured ingredients. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie @ Faithful Follower Of Christ said...

Breakfast cookies sound yummy!

purple squirrel said...

Oh, what fun to have time with the Littles on AWANA night. We cart our one Little along, since the 2 Bigs are in T&T, and we are both leaders....

Hey, you won the prize I offered on the UBP. Please leave me a comment here with your email address so that I can send you the GC to FIAR


~Sara said...

I love having baking days with my kids. It is one of my favorite activities with them!


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