Sunday, April 5, 2009

Menu Plan ~ Apr 5 - 11

Ah, we had a wonderful taste of spring today ~ but alas, I was checking out the weather forecast and they're calling for rain, rain, and more rain - and cooler temperatures.

This transition to spring is always a bit tricky for me - the kids' closets are loaded with both cool weather and warm weather clothes, and I guess my meals plans need to be flexible too :).

Not that you can't eat chili in the summer (I love it anytime of the year), but it does make a cool, rainy day much cozier.

I have also added some special things this week's meal plan, as we are preparing to celebrate Easter. My husband is planning our first ever Passover Seder meal ~ to be eaten on Thursday night. And I am hoping to begin a new tradition of making hot cross buns for breakfast on Good Friday - I've never made these before, hopefully the recipe that I chose is a good one :)

Breakfasts ~ toast & jelly, baked oatmeal, french toast, breakfast cookies, hot cross buns, cinnamon rolls

Lunches ~ cheese quesadillas, pb&j sandwiches, cream cheese on crackers, egg salad, pizza bread

Dinners ~ baked ziti (from the freezer), beefy enchiladas, spinach rice casserole, Passover Seder meal, homemade pizza, chili

Snacks ~ banana bread, breakfast cookies

For lots more menu plans, head on over to OrgJunkie!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Your menu looks good! Let us know how your Passover meal goes tonight... we were hoping to start a tradition of that this year, but my husband is working nights, and I want him to be there! :) I'm making hot cross buns for Easter morning... we'll see how the ww recipe I have turns out... !


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