Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Pinewood Derby Chronicles

Every year the AWANA program that we attend hosts a Pinewood Derby. Awards are handed out for fastest car, car design, and non-car design.
In 2005, our then 4-year old son worked hard on his first Pinewood Derby race car. He chose the paint colors, painted the car and added a cool Superman sticker. The end result was a very cool looking race car (IMHO :))

He came away his first Pinewood Derby with an honorable mention for car design ~ and most of all, he had tons of fun.

In 2006, he decided to recreate the Batmobile for the Pinewood Derby ~ he had a blast decorating his car in preparation for the race.

He returned from the Pinewood Derby with a first place finish in the car design category!

Fast forward to 2009 ~ another Pinewood Derby, and another award, third place car design for his Jimmy Johnson car.

Not sure if this means that he has a future in car design :)


Amy said...

How FUN! And great looking cars... he's definitely got a talent for it! :)


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