Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Read-Aloud Time

In addition to the many books that we read aloud during schooltime, I also have a read-aloud time with my 7-year old son at bedtime ~ sometimes my 5-year old daughter joins in, sometimes she decides to listen to daddy and the 2-year old's storybook. We just finished reading Little House on the Prairie in our quest to read through the "Little House" series - so it's on to Farmer Boy. (We may be a bit out of order, I've seen some places list Farmer Boy as being the 2nd book in the series - oh, well :)) Anyway, I do believe that my 7-year old son is going to LOVE Farmer Boy so I'm looking forward to beginning our new book.

Just in case you're interested, here's a list of the read-alouds we've finished so far this (school)year:

Socks ~ This was a fun read and both kids enjoyed this book, especially my daughter (she loves cats).

Mr. Popper's Penguins ~ Hilarious book - both kids LOVED it, "mom, can we read another chapter, PLEASE!"

The Courage of Sarah Noble ~ I read this one with just my son - I think we finished it in one night (it was short, but also hard to put down!) Excellent book, no wonder it's included in all of my favorite curriculum catalogs.

Little House in the Big Woods ~ Everyone already knows that this one is a classic must-read, right? My almost 5-year old didn't quite have the attention span to sit through one chapter a night, but my almost 7-year old continually asked for me to read more!

Betsy Tacy ~ I started this one in the middle of reading Little House in the Big Woods. I was planning on just reading it with my just turned 5-year old daughter; she was sick and I thought she would enjoy this sweet story about two little 5-year old girls and their budding friendship. However, my 7-year old son began listening in, and so we took a short break from Little House to finish this one up. We can't wait to read the next book in the series (of course, that will be after we finish up the "Little House" series)

Little House on the Prairie ~ I have to say, my 7-year old son is loving this series. And I am thoroughly enjoying sharing one of my childhood favorites with him.

And here's what we look forward to reading in the future:

finishing up the "Little House" series:

continuing on in the Betsy Tacy series:


L Harris said...

I don't think my kids (7yog, 6yog, 3.5yog, 2yob, newgirl) are quite there yet, but I can't wait to read those stories, or listen to them with them. We've listened to Betsy Tacy and they LOVED LOVED it. I'm so inconsistent. I need to just keep up with it and they would love it too. Hmm.

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Wendi,

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